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File:James Mason Hutchings.jpg|thumb|Portrait c.1888 '''James Mason Hutchings''' (February 10, 1820 – October 31, 1902) was an United States|American businessman and one of the principal promoters of what is now Yosemite National Park. Born in England, Hutchings immigrated to the U.S. in 1848, then went to California in 1849 during the Gold Rush. He became wealthy as a miner, lost it all in a bank failure, then became wealthy again from publishing. On July 5, 1855 James Hutchings set out on what would be one of the most historic trips to the region, leading the second tourist party into Yosemite.Kruska, David (2012). ''Touring Yosemite'' exhibit Catalog. Hannold/Mudd Library of the Claremont Colleges. pg. 1 (The first tourist party, in 1854, was led by Robert C. Lamon, but no account of the trip is known to be written.) He then became one of the first settlers in Yosemite Valley. Hutchings published an...
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